Lyrics Open Roots

1. Quite right

I wasn´t quite right, that this could be

with all the technology, we are not free

I thought that we might have all enough

all the technology in this world would create a society of love


I wasn´t quite right but now I have to see

it wasn´t my fault how things turned out to be

the problems are big, but we have to make a change

there so many things to rearrange


It´s quite sure, something must be done

and do we have time left? I think we have none…




I wasn´t quite right, because after we were through

I simply started to do the things I I have to do

I changed a lot of things or at least I even tried

I thought I was honest, but here and there I lied


I wasn´t quite right, my heart simply said no

the consequences of action only the results will show

I wasn´t quite right allthough I really tried

but now it doesn´t matter anymore


I wasn´t quite right, to sing about this

but then I started my album and here it is…


2. Get out

The sun rises in the morning

You better not look

you´re down in your prison

and you can´t get outta here


You´re staring at your walls

You have to do what they say

You look around buts all grey

you know you better get out here


Get out get out, you are a prison

You´re not free, on the prisonsite


You´re hammering at your walls

Trying to shake the bars

You are full of desire

Someone out there that you love

The prison stands in you way

You wanna be with here

You´re hope is rising

you want to get out here


Get out get out, you are a prison

You´re not free, on the prisonsite


It makes you mad every morning

it makes you mad at supper time

Things really could be better

you want´t to get outta here


You are a prisoner

You don´t know why you´re here

You didn´t do no wrong

For you I wrote this prisoner song

For you I wrote this prisoner song


get out, get out, get out


3. Tony´s bluesette


Hey c´mon, feel the blues inside

well blues got you, makes you feel so right

Blues around you everyday


Well I got the blues today, I walk under the cloud

Baby, yeah, my blues

feeling it all day through


I said I woke up this morning I felt my head and cried

cause I lost my baby, she almost said goodbye

but I make it till tomorrow, I won´t die


I´m gonna sing the blues, sing the blue blue blues all day

and the blue blue mood will soon go away

I sing Tony´s bluesette all day (and it goes like this)


Well, one day I´m gonna leave

I take my bags and go with the blue train away

but I don´t know when it will be that day


I am not sure when, I am not sure how but I know I´m gonna do

I gonna loose my blues

maybe after the last solo time


it´s my blues

it´s my blues

it´s my blues




4. Wintertime


When will wintertime is calling

wintertime hase come all I see is snow and ice

this white land could reflect the sun

but it´s grey and cloudy and soon dark

I will run through the fields

when springtime is here

I swim lakes and rivers when they are free of eyes




I would love to sleep now

and awake with the new world

after wintertime


Soon wintertime is ending

and soon blossom will bloom

children will enjoy the springtime

on fields, fresh and green

I will raise, be awake

follow the circle of life

and I will find love

after wintertime, wintertime


its a new world

it´s my world


5. No rest


Everbody´s hiding, when we´re high riding (no rest)

every heart is breaking, ´cause we are not faking

we dancing all the night through

to music old an new


From dusk till down, we´re riding high (no rest)

Celebrating life under the endless sky (no rest)

it feels like flying, when we´re high riding

no one thinks about the next day


We feel like leaving all behind

we enjoying life and feeling right

Everybody´s shaking

and it´s no rest


on the dancefloor we found common ground

stomping and taping with our feet around


6. Beautiful star

Beautiful star, you are so far away

beautiful star shine bright on me your´re what I need


I am watching you from far away

wiht you I want to stay

many stars shine, but only you shine fine


Beautiful star you´re somewhere above

and I send you all my love

Beautiful star I never long you

Beautiful star you never hear my song

Beautiful star, I wonder how far you really are


in my lonly hours, you give me new powers

so far – do you still exist


while it´s close to sun and moon

I could come to them soon

but never as far as to you my beautiful star


7. No more

Life is a precious gift, you should use it and not trying to be rude


No more wicked politicians

no more racism and populism


no more antisemitism

no more violence


no more sexual harrasement

no more corruption


Yes I really tell myself, don´t read the news

but every now and then I do and I get the blues


No more super surveillance

no more terror attacks

no more contaminated food

no more plastic, it´s not good

no more pollution

no more global warming

no more animal testing

no more destruction of the earth


Yes I really tell myself, don´t read the news

but every now and then I do and I get the blues


no more hesitiating

no more foolishness

no more anti intelectiulism

no more war against the poor

no more social networks

no more superficiality

no more confrontation

no more procrastination


Yes I really tell myself, don´t read the news

but every now and then I do and I get the blues


8. Humanity




Humanity, can words axplain

the love and hate, pleasure and pain

do you change ore restrain

will it be tomo all the same



Humanity, are you one?

Some do starve others have fun

The believes differ, but the god is one

but for some  god is g/none


Menschheit, es sind Milliarden verschiedene Leben

die leben zusammen, so ist das nun mal eben

Menschheit, wohin wird der Weg gehen?

Wird sich die Menschheit als eine einzige verstehen?


Kann mir jemand was sagen?

Kann ich da mal meinen Kumpel Montoya Thomas fragen?


La Humanidad

somos tú y yo.

La humanidad

de aquí y de allá.

Dale tiempo al tiempo para reconocer

que todas las personas somos humanidad

y tú también.